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Zonulin Test Only

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* THIS IS A HOME TEST KIT. You will receive instructions with your test kit on how to complete the test.

* We are unable to provide labs in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

* A kit will arrive in 5-7 days.
* Results securely emailed within 10-12 days.


This stand-alone test measures zonulin, a protein that modulates the permeability of tight junctions between cells of the wall of the digestive tract. It is used to help diagnose intestinal permeability/leaky gut. Elevated zonulin levels can increase intestinal permeability in the jejunum and ileum and is used in this test as a biomarker for barrier permeability (how functional are your tight junctions). Tight junctions can be opened or closed or stuck wide open depending on certain triggers (like infections and toxins) that stimulate elevated zonulin.