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Peptide Therapy is a treatment method that uses peptides, which are chains of amino acids, to treat specific concerns by encouraging cellular growth.


• CJC-1295



• BPC-157

• TB-500

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Athletic Performance Optimization

We offer a wide variety of prescriptions aside from peptides to help you reach your physical goals, aid in recovery, muscle retention, and joint relief.

For these options we do require that you have been an established patient with us for at least 12 weeks.

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  • CJC-1295

    CJC-1295 is one of the most effective peptides at releasing growth hormone and works best when combined with other peptides like Ipamorelin to create results. Using CJC-1295 can help improve cognitive function, provide a more restful recovery, and help with weight loss.

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  • Sermorelin

    Sermorelin is a naturally occurring peptide in the brain that releases growth hormone to provide improved sleep, reduced body fat, and increased endurance to help your body last longer and recover faster from daily exercise.

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  • Melanotan II

    Melanotan II is a synthetic analogue of the peptide hormone melanocyte stimulating hormone. This stimulates melanogenesis helping with getting tan, sexual arousal, as well as suppressing appetite.

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We currently offer Peptide Therapy in Texas, Michigan, Arizona, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.

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